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Project GRID - Full Game Out Now!


Awesome Bro


--- Game created by Jason and Tuna ---
Logo created by RadethDart


Story mode may or may not be added depending on the results of the contest (This is due to both time and event constraints), however, chances are, even if I don't receive a key, I'll end up purchasing one myself sometime in the near future, since I really like what Construct 2 is capable of. Enough of that though, here's the story, or as it's best labelled, the background story:

The GRID, it's the part of the internet where all data must pass in order to reach its destination, without it, people wouldn't be able to send files, images, or even chat to each other over long distances. Short story: It works.

However, due to the growth of the internet, people were sent there in order to keep check of data being sent back and forth, to make sure people weren't smuggling corrupt or harmful files around. Eventually, The GRID became a part of peoples lives, they were given jobs sorting through the data and making sure each piece would get where it needed to go, it helped everybody, it sped upload and download speeds to the highest they'd ever been, nothing could be better!

But then he came... Victor Irus, he loved the idea of The GRID, but maybe a little too much. He was the leader of a corporation called "The SP@M Corporation" (Singular Perpetual Automatic Messaging), this company needed the power of The GRID in order to survive, but their actions and ways of communicating were angering people and they demanded that it stopped.

A few years went by and The SP@M Corporation had been out of the spotlight for quite some time, people had forgotten about them, when all the time, Victor Irus was at his desk. He was furious, he thought it was unfair that people would treat his company that way, that they would rather see a company crumble than receive a few extra (Albeit unwanted) messages everyday, and it changed him. He developed a hatred of the people of The GRID, and decided right there, that he wanted it all for himself, that way he could control every piece of data and information on the internet, and could use it to send what he wants, where he wants.

Fast forward just one year later, and Victor Irus has created an army, and with it, he is fulfilling his dream. People are scared, they're already starting to leave and find residency somewhere else, somewhere safer, The GRID is falling, and Victor's power is increasing.

The GRID needs a hero...


In Survival mode, you will be thrown into a blank grid filled with three types of harmful enemies along with humans, these are cars, tanks and turrets. As the game goes on, the spawn times of these enemies increases, meaning it'll start off rather easy, but over time it's going to turn into hell, let's see just how many kills you can get before you die!


In Time Trial mode, you'll be pitted against a set amount of enemies: 1 turret, 2 tanks, and 2 cars, and your objective is to kill them as fast as you can... however, there's a catch, you only have a maximum of 5 minutes, so you better hurry up!



Project GRID will (Well, when it's done) have a variety of weapons for the player to use, in this section I'll go over each weapon to give you an idea as to what they do, I'll add new weapons to the list as they're added into the game:

Short-Burst Chaingun
This is your primary attack, it sounds more exciting than it actually is, but it's readily available from the start, with the exception of a slight cooldown after each burst. It's fast at shooting, and fires bullets in pairs. Each burst fires 10 bullets, which on their own, aren't too strong, but if aimed properly, it can take down an enemy car in just 2 bursts, provided each bullet hits.

Spawn time: NIL
Cooldown time: 1.5 seconds
Shots fired per burst: 10
Damage per bullet: 1
Additional ability: None.

This is the most common secondary attack, like all other secondary attack types, it must be picked up from around the level. Once the player has one in their inventory, they can drop it while driving, and it will do medium damage to anything that decides to drive over it, with the exception of Humans. If an enemy car or tank drives over a landmine, it will temporarily disable the enemy, giving you chance to fire off a few bursts from your Chaingun.

Spawn time: 15 seconds
Cooldown time: 2 seconds
Damage: 10
Additional ability: Temporarily disables enemy vehicles on contact

Plasma Burst
This is the strongest secondary attack in terms of enemies hit per attack, it spawns a turret on the top of your car, which spins round shooting off plasma bullets, causing average damage to any enemy it hits, it's basically like having an enemy turret on your car for a few seconds. As with the landmines, it can't hurt humans, but can deal damage to all other enemy types.

Spawn time: Random
Cooldown time: 2 seconds
Shots fired per burst: Too many.
Damage per bullet: 3
Additional ability: None.



There are three types of enemies in the game, as well as humans. Here you'll find details about each type of enemy:

Humans aren't a threat, infact, they're not technically an enemy... yet (New variants will eventually be added that have the power to... hurt you), although they're there, and anything or anyone you see must be killed. They'll run around the map doing their own thing, just sort of moving in random patterns, and once you drive closer to them, you'll scare them away, but you don't want to scare them, you want to kill them! Killing humans will give a nice satisfying blood splat, and killing tons of them at once feels so much better, not in a sick and twisted way, but in a way that, you know by killing them you're making The GRID a better place!

Speed: Slow
Weapon: None
Health: 1

Cars are the most common enemy type in Project GRID (Aside from Humans, but they don't count!) and can be a little troublesome, mainly because THEY WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE! Victor Irus must have forgotten to install weapons onto these vehicles, since they'll follow you around, and crash into you causing damage, and when you have more than one following you, it can be tricky, since they'll be able to box you into a corner, and beat you into submission (Or in this case, game over) They're not very armoured, meaning they suffer from relatively low HP in comparison to tanks, however, never underestimate them!

Speed: Fast
Weapon: None (Or... itself)
Damage: 1
Health: 20

Tanks are the strongest enemy type in Project GRID in terms of damage per hit, you'll take quite a bit of damage if you're on the receiving end of a direct hit, and even though they don't move very fast, if you come into contact with one, you'll still take damage! A good tactic with these tanks is to stay your distance, and let them shoot at you, the reason being is that their shells aren't dead accurate if you're moving, meaning you can use them to your advantage if you have cars chasing you... then once you've let the tank take care of the cars (Don't forget to thank Mr. Tank!) you can open fire and slowly but surely take it down!

Speed: Very Slow
Weapon: Plasma Shell
Damage: 3
Health: 120

Turrets are the slowest enemy in the game, by this I mean... they don't move, they're turrets, why should they? However, don't assume they're just some silly enemy that will do you no harm, since they're the fastest attacking enemy, and they can deal some serious damage! They're constantly turning, and along with that, are shooting all the time, not to mention their bullets can hit anywhere on the map! You might be thinking "Dear god that sounds bad, how do I kill it?!", well, that's for you to find out, but here's a hint: They don't like bullets...

Speed: N/A (Immobile)
Weapon: Plasma Shell (Slightly weaker than tank shells)
Damage: 2
Health: 10



If you'd like to see more screenshots with more enemies or whatever, feel free to request and I'll add more, these are just from the current build of the game, which still only involves two cars and a tank (I took out the respawns as per Tuna' s request, since it made testing hard, lol...) Feel free to post your screenshots too! If it's good enough, you may win a special prize!









Final Release! - Click here to play!

Click the link above to play the final build of the game. And don't forget to give feedback!

Alternatively, if you'd like to play an early demo to compare the two and see how far the game has come, please click the following link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/67653237/Projec ... index.html


Support the game!

Help support our project by placing this userbar in your signature, it'd be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Note for Wyatt: "I give permission for this game to be uploaded to an arcade at HBGames.org"


Awesome Bro

First demo works great solid 60FPS the whole time. love the chaos on screen. As someone else mentioned sound will really make it sing. As is I can already hear the sounds in my head. Just waiting for them to show up in game.
So I'm putting this Reply here to show I'll be commenting.
Call it "Blipp World" its funny and computer like;)

Nice idea btw! But I really dont undertsand what to do in the game, I mean whats the objective again?
Hey Jason, I actually love the graphics for this game. It's simple and minimal but makes me excited about the game all at once! And, you will be featuring awesome game play I presume? :)


Awesome Bro

Well yeah, I hope the gameplay will be good, otherwise it won't be very fun at all, lol

When I finish work (I'm setting off in half an hour, and working for 4 hours) I'll see if I can build something playable and post a demo on here, atleast then people will know I'm making progress, lol.


Awesome Bro

Just added an FPS counter to my game to check the performance, and it's all over the place, the highest I've seen was 49, the lowest was 22, and on average it's between 29-37, lol... it just depends what's happening onscreen. I think when I release a demo for it I'm going to ask people to check their FPS whilst under certain conditions to see if it'll be playable among a wide variety of computers, I mean it looks simple, all of the images are small in size (The entire game file is only 10.3 KB) but the FPS seems to struggle with all of the particles onscreen at once...

Which actually makes me think of something...

I may have a need for alpha/beta testers to play the demo before I release it publically, and give me feedback on it, since most people will be judging my game based on the first demo I release (Much like how people judge an entire retail game based on its beta)

I'll ponder this while I'm at work, lol...


Awesome Bro

Glad chrome worked better for you FPS wise. Checking out the screen shots, I'm liking it. There is some seriously good precedent for shooters sticking to minimalist design When they plan on cramming a boat load of stuff on screen. And by the sound of it that's what your shooting for , get it? shooting for. /cough anyway I want to play a demo soon please :shades:


Awesome Bro

Just to let everyone know, I'm currently in progress of setting it up ready for a demo, just messing with the enemy AI to make it a little more forgiving, and for the demo you'll have infinite health (Also, the HUD will be changing by the time I release a second demo... (Yes, I'm planning on releasing a second demo...))

Check the main post in a few hours and I'll hopefully have it up by then.


Awesome Bro

I'm delighted to say, that after a few hours delay, the demo is now open for all! Have a play and leave feedback using the form provided.
What you liked the most:
Very smooth playing wise and the blood particle effect was oddly satisfying. Shooting is a bit wonky without sound. Like the burst effect per shot. It's a bit refreshing and different from standard shooters. Also tons of on screen objects with no slow down awesome job.

What you disliked the most:
Lack of sound. Would like some satisfying pew pewing and squishing. Also sound to indicate movement momentum and crashes when cars hit you. Also I can't seem to get a game over.

Your overall feelings:

This is a great start, I'd like to see where this prototype heads to.

The browser you were using:


The average FPS you were getting:

very smooth prolly 60


Awesome Bro

Thanks for the feedback So fist, sound is actually next on the agenda, although I doubt I'll be making it myself this time, I'll be making a thread in the recruitment for anyone that fancies helping me, I might even throw a few shiny pennies their way lol... and as for no game over, that's because for this demo I've made you invincible since to be honest, I haven't even gotten around to making player life yet, still not sure how I want to do it, with numbers, images (Like hearts) or a life bar...

It's also great to hear it runs at a smooth 60 FPS for you even with everything happening onscreen :thumb:
What you liked the most:
The look of it, and how smoothly you move around.
It doesn't look bad to use all squares. But you may want to build on the squares thing to add some characteristics to the thing.
Like instead of being a car that fights other cars and kills people, why not ... You're a rogue virus killing bytes of data in a mainframe or something? And the black cars are ... An antivirus?
You know, something like that.
You could play on that theme and name the things, add some personality to it, with only the least bit of graphical improvement or effort.

What you disliked the most:
No challenge ...
The "people" squares just kill themselves on your car if you sit there, and the best method I found was to just press the [down] and keys together, while tapping [space]. So basically I was just doing nonstop donuts, squishing all the people in my way. The black car always aims for the front of my car, so if I just do donuts, I can shoot the car while it tries to ram me from the front.

If you don't bother with adding any sort of AI into the "people" blocks so they skirt away from you, I would really recommend adding a health bar, and shooting capabilities for the black car, and add obstacles so the player can't just do mad donuts. Maybe instead of only adding 1 black car every 60 secs, make it ramp up over time? So at 60secs there's a car, then it's every 45 secs, then every 30 secs ... Causes difficulty to ramp up! (In this case, you will need to be able to shoot faster.)
A goal will be necessary too, obviously :)

Your overall feelings:
Seems like it could be a really cute entry, with some polish, and some challenge.

The browser you were using:

The average FPS you were getting:


Awesome Bro

These are damage dealing enemies, they'll crash into you to drain your health, and eventually (Provided I can get this working), they'll be able to shoot you, but at a much lower fire rate than the players weapons.

I'm planning on adding AI to the cars lol, don't worry, and I'm also working on trying to make the humans run away from you, I'm also thinking of giving certain humans guns too, and when you kill them they explode and take out all humans within a certain sized radius... still working on these things but I'd love to have them added in by the time I release my next demo. And yeah I did mention in my other post that health wasn't in the demo but I'm still deciding on how I want to do it, lol.

Also, cool, another smooth framerate :D


I might actually keep this demo up even when I release my next one, to see what people think of the changes and can compare them both
What you liked the most:
The look and style. Its really slick looking. I love the "cube-ism" feel of the game. The blood was bold and how everything was moving was really smooth yet chaotic.

The feeling. It felt super arcade-y and i love how you stick with that.

What you disliked the most:
The controls. They personally felt extremely loose and unresponsive (esp the shooting). It would be cool if you could tighten the controls up a bit.

There also really wasn't an objective but this is a demo. It would be neat to see some other challenges enter the fray like tougher, different enemies or something.

Your overall feelings:
Its neat for a demo. Its a good idea it just needs some variety.

The browser you were using:

The average FPS you were getting:


Awesome Bro

I think the reason the shooting feels off is because I've delayed the shots (It has a cooldown but no indication showing this onscreen, I could fix that...) and the fact that you don't get any audio feedback, but that sort of goes for the entire game so far, still haven't got any sounds up... as for enemy types, I've actually thought up some cool ideas within the last 5-10 minutes lol, as well as the armed humans.

Also it's pretty cool that three people in a row have had a really high framerate, I wasn't expecting it to run so smooth to be honest, going to wait for some more FPS info before I can brag about it though, lol.

I'll hopefully be able to have my next demo up sometime this week, since time is running out I'm going to have to be quicker with the releases, lol.


Just a thought, but how do you feel about unlocking things after getting so many kills? Like for every 500 kills I'm thinking of giving you one shot of a really high powered weapon that can kill cars in one hit, and can kill multiple with one shot. Would that be slightly overpowered or would you welcome this?

Thank you for viewing

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