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Conflict Resolution- Please help!


Awesome Bro


I'm making a system!

This system is kind of a card/icon based system. It uses a timeline. The cards are broken into 4 cards on the enemy and player side. The cards move towards the center where the point of conflict resolves a formula to push either the player's or the enemy's command to action. Kinda like this:


[] - Enemy card/icon slot 0-4
{} - Player card/icon slot 0-4
[^] - Point of conflict
^ - The "winner" of the conflict formula becomes the action

I can probably get the cards on the timeline, the only thing I need help with is figuring out what to do to have this resolve the conflict and then perform the action.

Each slot is empty at the start of a battle. The player places actions (cards/icons) from basic choices like Attack, Defend, Item, etc and then they have a deck.

The deck contains buffs, de-buffs, shuffles, cards that kick cards out of the timeline, speed up timeline, etc. The affect cards.

Anywho, that is my issue right now. I can get most of this stuff done, but I need this or I can resolve making this at all.

I will work on improving my coding skills as I go back to school here soon, but it would be nice to work on this prior.

Please leave your questions and comments below!

Thank you so much! :)


🎱 Outlook good

So talk more about the formula. Are the cards numbered?
It's basically slot1 vs slot1, then slot2 vs slot2. [][][2][1][^]{1}{2}{}{}
What happens to the cards after they win/lose. Is there a discard pile that gets shuffled when you run out of cards.
Are you adding a new card to the slot every turn? To any slot?
Or just when both opponent's slots are empty, to start a new phase.


Awesome Bro

Card numbered?
-The cards aren't numbered really. It isn't always 1v1 or 2v2 in terms of which cards face which. The idea was a more face paced swipe and drag thing, but for the basic part I need to focus on the middle.

Cards after win/lose?
-As the conflict resolves, the cards actions happen in a stack, so it doesn't really matter who wins, but I want it to be based on a formula involving speed.

card v card
look at player speed v enemy speed
randomness % based on luck? (idk)
do actions
remove cards

There is no discard really. You have your basic action cards, Attack, Defend, Item Skill and then you have your other cards/icons you can rotate into battle. I'm working on that whole aspect. I'm thinking I want to make it so you can equip like 5 other cards that are randomly drawn as you play. Or more.

Enemy Slots
-I'm not really at the point to focus on it, but ideally it will just add based on a simple AI setup.

Thanks for the questions, please ask more. I want to work on it.

Thank you for viewing

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