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The game with no nc̶̬̀o̴̟͑r̸̰̕r̷̞̽u̵̳͊p̸͙̈t̶̖̆e̶̘͌d̷͐ͅ

The game with no nc̶̬̀o̴̟͑r̸̰̕r̷̞̽u̵̳͊p̸͙̈t̶̖̆e̶̘͌d̷͐ͅ

I made a game, with a bunch of friends in rmn. For ocean's 39th Birthday.

Play ma bad game, in the game. Literally. Buy food, buy drinks, buy sweets and plushies in a night market to cheer Pudding and Ocean. Ocean is sad because there's a dog sleeping horizontally on his bed, pudding is sad because his game is bad.

This game uses some art from friends(with permission, thank you) and has 2 endings. The game also feature some elemental reaction, ever tried genshin, no? Even better, experience it here now! And we haz skill trees(wow) for your cats too.

What's wrong with the game name? Oh, sorry but you'll need to finish the game to find out the game name.

Here's an example of how the elemental reaction works, for example, throwing a [Water] and [Fire] to an enemy t2 crrrttee Vzzeerze. Vaporize %@ops eKn^#y defense byyy 20% and ikc^$!ses
[Water] and [Fire] attttttt byyy #0%.

s^%&ro-wh(1? A120 w56t 2s $ d$-t$?!
Ocean, $@n y@u h#*r m@?

Contains copyrighted stuff, and I've pretty sure I've said a billionth times, no resell, game for gift, education, research or whatever to prevent getting sued. This is a gift :mad: for a very nice friend, ocean.

Another separate file without khas lighting and fog plugin is included for lower end devices because I was too dumb used the 3.1 instead of 3.2 version and didn't realize it wouldn't work on windows 7 due to blend mode(?). Won't affect anything apart from aesthetic.

The legit version has been updated to 3.2 as released, but I still released a no-lighting version in case it still doesn't work on lower end devices.
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