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The game with no name

Arcade The game with no name

Full Edition

This game is playable right here in your browser. If your browser is incompatible, you may download the full game.

You play as Brie, a girl who lost a part of her memory on an incident during her childhood, where her childhood best friend went missing soon after. A few years later, she grew up, travelling around places hunting for treasures while finding any trace of her missing friend.

Joining the hunter's guild, she now hunts for treasures with other group of hunters with the same mindset(treasures!) Will she be able to find valuable treasures on her way? Or will she find something even more precious?

All you need is a keyboard, or a mouse(if you prefer not to suffer in the first dungeon).

Movements - Arrow keys, Num pad
Action/Confirm - Z, Enter, Space
Cancel/Menu - X, Esc, Num pad 0
Dash - Shift (Always dash adjustable in options, dash may not be available in certain maps)

Fun fact, you can play this game on mobile on the itch.io page web browser mode!
Special controls for mobile:
Open menu - Tap with two fingers/menu button --- This will not work if your device does not support double finger taps!

Or if you're too lazy to download, check out the itch.io page and play on browser instead~ (or on phone, MZ works on phone too)

Game lasts around 1 hour(maybe), made for Trial of MZ Event Game Jam.
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