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The sketch thread!


The Demon Queen of Betrayal.

She is the subject of my 100th speed draw.


Chaos Goddess

BizarreMonkey is deadzo. I couldn't remember my password and was sick of having my old name anyway.

Now then, allow me to test this sites image scaling~!

Just some Remi-chan!

Of note, I love the stupid lewd one.

I haven't solely spent my time on branding imagery though!

Xaela: The Eldritch Mortician

I had been planning on doing this for ages and yesterday I finally cracked and got into it. 7 Hours of Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS6 later I had this macabre beauty.


🎱 Outlook good

Notice: Got Gaomon Tablet x1.

It's going to take some getting use to.
It's actually got a bigger drawing surface than my previous wacom, and more hotkeys (I'll probably never use).
The pen is feels super light and super cheap. Like if I squeeze too hard it could crack the plastic. There's no rubber grip. And there's no eraser tip; instead I have to set the pen button to toggle brush modes.
Took a while to get settings the way I want them. I had to go online to download drivers. If I didn't know what I was doing, that would have been pretty frustrating. I can see someone getting a tablet for the first time, plug it in, and it starts using the WindowsInk mode with no pressure sensitivity.

Oh it's got a mouse mode too. I'll have to see if any of my old ones will work with it. That's something I really miss. Having a mouse and scroll wheel.

Investigating my Wacom's failure. I haven't opened it up yet. But online there's a prominent design flaw with the usb port inside breaking or loosing a connection inside. So that's probably why it's not getting any power.


Chaos Goddess

Grats on the new tablet, Coyote! Glad to see you back in the drawing game!

Stopped posting here for a while due to making my own thread, but since I can now justify replying i shall do so! lots to share~!

Esperia Dramatis

It has a few flaws, but I'm happy with how well my dramatis shading style is coming along! Below is the speed draw video.

Shadow Dude

A reptilian hacker gal who is one of the best hackers in the universe alongside Mal Morris. She works to keep governments in line and shred the oppression of peoples via tyrannical rulers. She sees governments as good tools for society, but not good leaders to author the fate of societies. Public servants who are aligned with the betterment of their people aren't her enemies, governments trying to become opressive dictatorships beware.

Solstice of the Abandoned

Solistace from Junked is a fun character and since getting a new composer who finished a composition for her track i decided to draw album art for her theme. her name is a combination of the words Solace, Solitude, Solstice and Ace. This piece heavily plays on the Solstice part.

Empathy's Suitor

Another character from Junked: Flannel. He's a caring sensitive kid who values the lives of his friends beyond his own. He will do all in his power to protect those he cherishes. Here he is opposing Junko- he knows how an encounter between them would go, but that won't stop him from defending those who have earned his empathy.

There we go! I have another piece in the works which I plan to work on before long! Speed Draw #106 onwards was a turning point. I've started using references now, for no other reason than to see where it might lead. As an artist it is prudent to remain open to the idea of trying new things, and I've had a lot of people beg or plead me to do so to make it worth doing so. Peer pressure wouldn't have made me do it alone, though. It was my own desire to excel and improve as an artist that has seen it happen, reassurance that my admirer's were all for it is just that, reassurance. I've gotten to where I am via my own volition, and in the beginning I had very little support. I will always heavily evaluate and consider an option before going ahead with it.


Chaos Goddess

Big bunch of art has been done, so without much fuss let's begin~!

Catalyst of the Otherworld

Rumirez from Junked, another of the set containing the protagonists, Flannel and Solistace were in the last post.

And to finish the set...

Last of the Macintosh

Junkheap was the last to receive a render, despite this, he was by far the quickest, taking only two hours from start to finish. The lack of anatomical precision meant it was entirely a geometric challenge, and was therefore woefully easy.

Speaking of Junked, what band of protagonists would be complete without a central antagonist?

The Heaven's Hell-sent Messenger

Meet Junko, the harbringer of the final days... the judicator of humanity's arrogation and punishment. Only through death could they atone.

Now we shift gears to art for a different game...

Demise of Morality

Mischevia: The demon-side protagonist of Seraphim, an upcoming eroge I'll be working on, in her second form.

And we've not seen the last of her yet.

The Demon Lord

Requirements Reached: Undergoing Apotheosis.

She starts as a mere soulcatcher, she ascended to Dark Seraph, and then even to Serazai, the first to do so since Esperia... but even then, she would not be complacent. For she had learned the truth of the cosmos, she would need to be as strong as possible to get to a stage where she might be able to save it.

She is a god now.

Speed draws!
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Chaos Goddess

This is the most attention captain Nelson will ever get, lmaooo. Cheers my dude~!

Oh my! I've done some really decent art since I last posted here!

Macrocosia: She who rules over gravity

One of my most indulgent and exhaustively overdone character designs. Some of her design details, notable the horns and crystal geodes on chains attached to bracers was inspired by Suika Ibuki from Touhou Project, the crystals hanging from her horns were inspired from some hanging witch crystals i saw being sold at a local faire.

Sheep Girl: Porrum

Unfinished due to anatomical hangups, but it gives a good idea of the character's basic idea and design~!

Pandemonic Cat of Schroedinger

Had one of those rare moments where I just had an idea come to me.

"Wait dude hang on crazy thought what if we made a character who is Schroedinger's cat but as a monster-girl!?"


"BUT WAIT! (and see what I do here) what if I showed you an immensely enticing image of how they would look and you can then get to work like right fucking now??"

So yeah it was like that. I drew a rough concept sketch immediately after getting the image in my head, but yet... I knew then and there, this would not sate me.

But I am glad to inform you all that I am truly sated after drawing her above.

The Man of a Thousand Names

This guy is like the meta-existentially damning piece of the puzzle of my current project, and he's powerful enough to hold one of the previously unstoppable villains at bay, if only so the one who shares his mind would see her sister survive.

Direct intervention is very rare for M.F. Lazarus, he's more of an instigator than an assassin.

Autistic lore tangent out of the way, despite the detailing this one only took four and a half hours somehow!

He is, yes- inspired somewhat from W.D. Gaster from Undertale, typing in both MindFields font and Lazarus (usually only in promotional work).

The font in the image is hand-drawn but is styled after Lazarus.

His MindFreezers are pretty much Gasterblasters, but the Mana Flares are their own thing. It just makes sense for a scientist to use such hands-free tools. He like quite a few of my characters, is a Galaxion... albeit one who is underdeveloped and has always suffered from stunted growth- or at least that's his story.

This piece is actually the depiction of a scene that happens in the game shortly into Disk 2.

Was good to do a decent art render after two weeks of not doing so, but I've been busy with gamedev so at least I'm being productive in some way or another!

To Wake to Rays of Sunlight Diminished

Cinematic asset art which serves as a replacement for older art that was inconsistent with the games style and awkward looking to boot.

Mourning Terror

A rough draft that came out exceedingly well and that I'm unlikely to ever bring further because I like it at this stage most.

And now... last but far from least!

Supreme Star Odyssey

An animation that took three streams to complete, and given that it's 12 frames, with 6 of those being cool silohoutted stylish in-betweens and the other 6 are legit keyframes, you can probably IMAGINE why this took a while!


Chaos Goddess

Been ages, but at last a new full-color render is done~!

Mycallah of the Usagi
The first Usagi I've drawn beyond just some silly MSpaint concepts I don't think I've even shared on this board!

Oh, and here's the Speed Draw!


Chaos Goddess

Had good fun with this one!

Holy Nekomata: Grace

A nekomata that like her kin, is based on one of the eight primary elements.
Blood, Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Holy and Shadow. As the title gives away, she is Holy's seat of power- likewise, Amberina holds the seat of Fire, while Patricia sits atop the seat of Shadow, leaving five concepts to remain.

Unlike the Kitsune who can be multi-elemented, the Nekomata seem to possess but only one affiliation, while they can easily learn to use others, their mainstay is decided at birth.

Worry not, it would be remiss of me to not include a speed draw, and so include one I most certainly shall.

Now, with all that cleared up, perhaps i should list the intricacies of my elemental and magic systems, perhaps as food for thought?

Most of the base elements are pretty self explanatary, but blood and arcane leave room for alienation- allow me then to make their existence relative to know humanity knows.

Blood is anything physical, anything that can bring about the act of drawing blood. In most cases, this is substituted with "physical damage", the meaning bears no different a meaning. However, certain soulcatchers and all bloodwitches use magic that draws blood unwittingly from the victim, or manipulates blood on its own, this is all under the same elemental bounds.

Arcane is somewhat more difficult to explain, but it is the basis of all other elemental magics. It is creation magic, and in its purest form, it appears a pink or purple color, this is why the pink and purple sun, both known as stars with an arcane makeup- are the color they are.

This raw potential can then be transformed into magic like fire, ice water, and so on- for most this happens without a visible transitory phase. Such is the power of invocation and focus.

The other six are all pretty elementary and i doubt they need much explanation, fire, ice, lightning, water, holy and shadow already have basic relative substance to what we know already... the error lies in thinking some of these elements are similar.

Truly, one could establish water is but congealed ice, and that fire is but a pale imitation of lightning, or that holy is but lightning in a less transitory manner.

In physicality, this may be so, but magic is about feeling, and in this- everything stands on its own.

Fire is the font of passion, fueled by animosity and love both. While one may cast down an inferno to scar flesh, another might use fire to be reborn alike a phoenix.

Ice is the font of independance, in ones will to believe they alone can take charge. Esperia is so potent with it for this very reason.

Lightning is the font of energy, a transitory flash of power that could fell trees or reprise the fallen.

Water is the font of fluidity, to remain calm and graceful while amassing large waves to quash, or gentle tides to restore.

Holy is the font of faith, be it to oneself or to others- ever can it be used as a hammer of righteousness to the wicked, or as a shield immovable for those in need of salvation.

Shadow is the font of ambition, when one has designs, one dwells ever closer to shadow, be that to engulf in wretching darkness, or to fill with likewise motive.

What determines how these elements manifest has naught to do with the base elements themselves, but upon the invocation of those who use them, for this- we have the five schools of magic.

Alteration, Restoration, Conjuration, Illusion and Destruction.

To alter is to manipulate the space around you and the beings within, to restore is to heal the target or area of choice, to conjure is to summon forth elemental energies to act as tools or even familiars, illusion magic is in using elements to obfuscate reality, and destruction to use elements to harm and destroy.

So what of elements that are not of the main three? such as wind, universal, poison and earth?

Wind is but a mixture of water and physical, universal is not elemental, but rather alteration taking form. Poison is not built of emotions, but of nature, as is earth.

Then... you have the esoteric "elements". but it may be better to say the utter lack of emotion is what creates the most horrifying of magics.


An "element" so unquantifiable, the SP field, or soul protection field, is utterly unable to account for it- thus does it damage the soul directly.

Abyssal magic, while rare in its applications, is not so uncommon in the hands of the ascended. Energy drain and Soulbeam, well known attacks of the heldathian soulcatchers and the Necropolitan Lich, are well known examples.

The soul embodies a beings ambition. Without it, they might as well be husks, and in fact, that is precisely what they become.

While for most mortals, it is when the SP field finally deteriorates fully that their soul is released and ascends to the afterlives beyond... those preyed on by a soulcatcher must wait until their soul returns from their imprisonment, which it is destined to, given time. Should they be left alive after a soulcatcher has drained only their soul, they will die eventually, as husks who cannot be made to eat, even if food enters their body, they will not be able to process it- for their body has no will to process it.

So, their death will hasten as a lack of ambition quickly disperses the Soul Protection field, for with no soul to protect, no ambitions to shelter, it too loses its will to exist.

Then will their mind await in a null tribunal until their wayward soul returns to them so their mind may have meaning.

Abyss magic, is scary.

To make it scarier, all which lives, including celestial bodies, even entire universes, has a soul and an SP field.

The Blue Sun, is a universe's SOUL.

In once instance long ago, an entire universe was destroyed by Abyss magick, employed by Xaela- from what was once a normal universe, suddenly, all was black.

It was called the Great Tragedy- and it was one of the few things to terrify terror itself.

As magic is but a means of expression, alike art is my own- it stands to reason that the Nekomata, while singular in elemental composition, can experience no less than beings born of blood and flesh. Because while an element is sustained by an emotion, its fuel is varied.

Hopefully that was a fun little bit of exposition.


Chaos Goddess

Update on the above post: Finished!

Mischevia: The Rising Hellstar

I unfortunately do not have a speed draw thanks to OBS's patented "fuck you -it really emulates early 2000's streamer technology- external browser parsing no fuck you really" technology corrupting the recording less than halfway through.

But that's old news, so what is new?


Xaramitsi: The Atomic Biowulf.

There's also a speed draw for this one!
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🎱 Outlook good

I drew something in the first time since forever.
Inspired to draw some concepts for Kara's Brother. He was only alluded to in Perseverance, and didn't have a name for a long time.
I figured he was already dead. Or at least definitely dead with the rest of the Earth that blew up in Fantasia. So seeing him in the recent dev log update was a pleasant surprise. I can now update the family tree in my notes.

Disclaimer: These designs are based in pure speculation and imagination.

Apparently he's been living off-world. And was hired by Dragonar on planet Draik. I like to imagine that's somehow connected to the sword he gave Kara. In Perseverance she used the sword to destroy the Angled-Eye Sight. Where he got the sword, how it was made, if he was connected to the Perseverance Union in any way... that's all a mystery to me.

So maybe there was some price to pay to obtain the sword. Maybe it was made on Draik. Or maybe it's much more ancient. It's probably unlikely that Kiet has any kids. Kara and Kiet are part of the Crimson Blade Bloodline and part of Tiramisa's (for lack of a better name) eugenics program to spawn a generation that would overthrow Esperia and Naxon. But that strategy has been aborted with the conclusion of the 314th Clash.
The Crimson Blades are different from the Witch Hunters and I'm pretty sure not possessing any devil/angel genes.
There's something...I forget how it's worded...that connects the Witch Hunter line to the Kitsunes deities. And since this new event has Kara on Draik, that probably means the Crimson Blades are connected to the Dragonar. But in what way? An arms deal? A blood pact?
It's enough of a foothold for me to design around dragon motifs at least.

The Dragonar have a history with Xaela. I know she devoured...a thing...to become the thing she is now. I had a brief conversation with Remi-chan about it, but at the time there weren't any hard conclusions to draw from it. But I'm speculating, as I type, the ease that Xaela dispensed of Kiet probably has to do with him being a Crimson Blade. Like she can't just fingersnap anyone out of existence. Maybe just Kara, Kiet, and the Dragonar, because they're connected to the same source.
Then again, "Blood" is an element in this universe. So maybe Xaela is a kind of blood bender and she could finger snap the living into pink mist.
In anycase, she must have a weakness that Ashe knows about. Perhaps she took out Kiet first because he was more of a liability that she'd like to admit to?

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Kiet has no relation to Dragon-kind, he's a traveling mercenary that just happened to be doing a task for the Draikonians when Kara found him.

The tie to Crimson Demons and Witch Hunters are both tied to Zen Aneia- neither have angel or devil genes. Witch Hunters were trained to be Xali's direct counters, while the Crimson Demons were trained to be Xaela's only real weakness. Unfortunately, Xaela is too powerful now- and her killing Kiet meant his powers are diluted too heavily to be any use.

Kiet's name is a common Thai name that means honor.

His and Kara's direct parents would have been anagrams of Paulino and Janley, to follow the theme of David and Vikki / Vaddi and Kivik

Perhaps Lopauni and Yalenj? Doesn't matter.

Xaela absorbed the soul of Xalatath, causing her to inherit the Ruler of Evil title- this discarded the previous Evil God, and Xaela become one in it's place. Xalatath no longer exists. It was evil but without direction. It didn't pose close to the same threat to reality Xaela does.

How quickly Xaela dispenses of people doesn't matter much depending on rank. She's just incredibly powerful. It's rare she wants to kill something quickly, but a live Crimson Demon is a special occasion.

The ethereal blade he entrusted to Kara used to be his... that and his pair of shades were the relics he entrusted to her upon their departure.

The ethereal blade's origin is likely Zen Aneia. It's likely it was entrusted to his father or grandfather by Khaora- one of the four Zen Aneian celestial beasts.

I'm currently working on remaking FS18 to give Koko's ascension the kind of power and impact Lilac's and Lumi's do.

Here's some assets I've made in preparation.


Credit to Pjcr and Xiie, I'm just tacking things together.


Chaos Goddess

New piece at last. The Final Fifth ENNUI has had some basic sketches of the concept for a while, but now at last I've had the chance to make it into a full-blown render.

Lucifrael: The Black Swan

Due to varying factors, this was done over two days in three different sessions. But all in all, it was about 7 hours of work. So pleased with how it came out!


Chaos Goddess

Guardian Angel Angelica

Now sharing in her counterparts penchant for the bangs covering a single eye... this cutie patootie seeks to fill the world with love and happiness!

Speaking of said counterpart, I decided a wardrobe update was in need!

Mischevia: The Rising Hellstar

Subversive t-shirt and edgy skirt thing makes for a great demon outfit. It also ties into her later dress asymmetry.


Chaos Goddess


6 hours and 48 minutes after I began from nothing, a canvas became this something. I'm just glad I finally have a drawing that so well emphasizes the character of Wi Hellrider. My prior drawings of her are years old and flawed... Primitive looking in the face of all my stylistic improvements.

Here's a Speed Draw, as I did this full thing on stream. Now You can watch it rapidly go from blank canvas to full image in just over 6 minutes.

Thank you for viewing

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