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The New HBGames

Hello and welcome to what has been the result of days of rigorous testing and love and craft. Welcome to the new HBGames.

What? Why?

When we registered the HBGames.org domain back in 2009, it was our intention to move to a brand new shiny forum software called Xenforo. The package was bought, as was the domain, but for whatever reason, we dwindled, and stayed in the dark ages.

I even, over the years, attempted to create many of the systems Xenforo would have given us - the game pages, blogs, etc - to no avail.

What's been done?

We've upgraded to Xenforo, migrated the database cloning all users and most posts, reskinned the forum, set up Game Pages, and are now in the process of fixing little bits here and there.

What do we need from you?

Test the site! Click things, see if they break. See if you can do something you don't think you should be able to. See if you can't do something you think you ought to!

ARPGMaker.com? What's that?

We're on a new server, so this URL is temporary until we move the HBGames.org domain to point here. We need to know this is going to work out first!

New server?

Yeah, Ellie has set up a server, instead of paying Brew, as it makes sense to have everything in one place, right?

Actually the point is, I was already paying for my own server, so by pooling resources we can get better things, I suppose.

Will this fix all the errors about the place?

It should do. At the very least, the site-crashing errors and the caching issues have been resolved.

I don't like it.

Tell us why! We're open to your suggestions.
I think it's safe to say this Beta has been a roaring success. We seem to be entirely stable with upwards of 50 users online at one time right now too, which is great. I still have the option to upgrade the server, but we don't seem to be in need of this yet.
Why are there so few forums?

To simplify the homepage and make better use of the non-forum sections of the site.

A lot of forums have been replaced by specific parts of the new site. For example games, reviews, screenshots, resources, even the eZine has a spot.

It means the forums can be cut back to just a few specific categories, such as support and general discussion, for things that warrant discussion as a thread. Note you can still discuss games, resources, etc, just in a different format.

Thank you for viewing

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