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Aedemphia, four years in the making by a single man, Sylvanor.

I am merely translating this epic tale (18 hours for demo 7.0) but I would like to share this game with the community.


What's so special about it?

-18 hours
- 141 monsters (each and every one of them hand made, no rip. Monsters are also animated)
- 134 books (in a style similar to Elder Scroll)
- 1151 maps
- 260 side quests
- 703 objets (including the equipment)
- More than a 100 spells.
- 30 cinématiques en "dessin animé"
- 10 Optional bosses (not including the compulsory bosses)



Where are the screens?

http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/8761 ... ad2hh2.png[/img]

http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/1319 ... ad1pw5.png[/img]

http://aedemphia.warparadise.com/news/6 ... ret3-2.png[/img]




http://aedemphia.warparadise.com/news/6 ... enter2.png[/img]

http://aedemphia.warparadise.com/news/6 ... ipano3.png[/img]

So what's the story?
Here it is, a summary of the prologue:

Irzyka is the protagonist of this epic tale, the daugher of the Great Urtypzall. Born in a ruined world littered with garbage, she is spared the atrocities or her homeland, sheltered in her father’s castle, Isoloir.

Raised by a duo consisting of her own brother, Alzarith, and a local scientist, Irzyka was never in direct contact with the realities of the outside world.

Her tranquil lifestyle was suddenly shattered when she was finally kidnapped by a young man named Erun. He opened her eyes on the miserable lifestyle of the others living outside the castle, the Inferiors.

It wasn`t long before Irzyka became close friend with Erun and the Inferiors.

A short while later, Irzyka and Erun discovered a project taking place in Castle Isoloir, under the direction of Creas himself; establish a “bridgeâ€
It looks really good! Although you should mention that you have permission from the owner to translate it, otherwise problems may occur.

Anyway it looks really good, how much of it have you translated?
Oh I do have permission from the author to translate it. We often keep in touch.

(I'm also doing it free of charge).

Hard to say about the translation.

I started translating the whole thing but it's just so huge, I think I'll do it one chapter at a time instead.



Wow, a 300 MB demo O_o, gotsta try. *downloading*

edit: That's the most impressive intro sequence i've EVER seen in a game. And omg..it's an rm2k3 game! This seriously inspiring...Everybody! Play!

edit2: This is so beautiful...Dazzling!
The tileset art is absolutely gorgeous, it reminds me of The Seikendensetsu series in that it all looks hand-painted and it's filled with tons of detail and beautiful shading.  This is probably the loveliest tileset art I've ever seen in an rmxp game (or rm2k).  Also, that's very nice of you to translate this for him.

My only qualm is the music; especially in the first youtube clip.  There are a lot of very unpleasant cacophonies going on.  The chord that happens at :07 is *especially* dissonant (I know that the composer was probably attempting to transition into a more ominious tune, but it's so dissonant that it actually sounds like an error).  The sequence of that begins at 1:24 and goes until around 1:49 is very monotonous and builds very poorly.  I think your advertisement clip could be a lot more effective with better music.
Little update.

It seems I misunderstood something.

The music in the video is NOT in the actual game.

The creator of the game is the process of hiring someone to actually compose the music (original music). So it will all be original music.

Sorry about that little misunderstanding.

Thank you for the comments! Keep 'em coming!

I've already translated parts of the game.

I've contacted the author and we should be able to post a screeshot in English anytime soon (today or tomorrow).

Once again, thank you for your interest.
18 hours for a demo! Is that a typo? I'm assuming my saves will transfer with each update. That would suck if I had to start from the beginning each time.
I watched the trailers and was very impressed. It looks heavy on the story side, like Xenosaga heavy. (Xenosaga had long cutscenes if you've never heard/played it before)
Crap! My computer won't let me open .rar files. D: Shit, I was really looking forward to playing the demo, too. I guess I'll have to wait until I get Internet on my laptop, then, and download it then.

Oh, and, Hung like a horse, I'm pretty sure double-posting is fine so long as you're the creator of the topic and you have something new to show, so you're fine. :smile:
Thank for the replies.

I'm glad to announce that after translating for most of the day yesterday, I've finished translating the demo.

The translating is all done, all is left to do is to input the new script in and remove the unnecessary files so that it's more convenient to download.
Its a coll looking game but I saw alot of flaws with the map while watching the demo.I also have a problem with some of the techniques. But I will forgive it for the mini movies.
Would you mind making your criticism a bit more detailed? Could you give some examples please?

If you provide detailed criticism with example and screenshots it allows us to fix them and make the game better.


Thank you for viewing

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