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Adding Your Game

In the new HBGames we have a content management system for game downloads.

What is the System?

The system is essentially a link manager, aggregating screenshots, download link, information, reviews, ratings and anything else that would have previously gone into a forum thread.

What is the system Not?

The system is not a file host. You will need to upload your game to a host of your own, or a website such as itch.io, in order to add it to our database.

How do I add a game?

Visit the Games Section and click add resource. You may now choose:

Title: What's the name of the game?
Tagline: Does it mean anything to you?
External Download URL: A link to download your game from.
Version Number: Enter a version number for if you have to make any revisions later.
Description: Enter a description for your game. Be vivid! You can paste Youtube video URLs or Imgur image URLs should you wish in this area.
Attach Files: Use this to add screenshots for your game.
Additonal Information / Support URL: If your game is important enough perhaps you offer support tickets on your own website.
Icon: A circular icon to represent your game.

Click Save and your game will be added to the database.

What functionality do we get?

You get the ability to track downloads from HBGames.org to see how popular your game is here.

You gain the ability to receive ratings, reviews and comments. Those reviews can then be upvoted and downvoted by other users to ensure their accuracy.

What do I do with my game thread?

If you already have a thread in the Completed Games (Discussion) forum, it can be tagged on to your post, just ask us and we'll attach it. You can also create a new topic for a new game.

Are there any rules?

NSFW and adult content must be marked as such and must contain an age-related warning.

We reserve the right to remove any game at any time.

We will remove any content that appears malicious from the system.

Please try to upload only semi-serious projects. We don't mind joke games if there is actual content to them. Broken content, unfinished works, and half-assed attempts are not going to go down well.

Thank you for choosing HBGames for your game distribution needs!

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