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What are you working on? (Game Making Thread)

Did some digital painting all night. Experimental stuff.


Chaos Goddess


Also good news! Now that the menus are finished, I can finally show off something more entertaining!
Mog you fool! You have made me TOO POWERFUL!
I should be transitioning to a new laptop soon. Battery problems again. Not only did the new battery fail after only a year, it puffed up like balloon inside the computer case, causing all kind of problems.

I had a brief burst of productivity. But I'm really behind on making character sprites. I shouldn't be doing anything else. I shouldn't even be typing this.


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I recently played One Screen Hero 2. It's a neat concept. It's like a 4-5 hour RPG on one map. Every other tile is an NPC or Battle. NPCs disappear after you talk to them. The main thing is to save the Inns to replenish MP. Pretty sure the game was made during Covid. Because you're fighting "Disease" and the joke is that everyone was confined to One Map.

I picked it out because I thought it would be fun to try a different method of quickly translating a game into english. I had a plugin parse the Map.json data and output the textboxes to a new document, which Google Translated in like 4 seconds, then I used the plugin again to replace the textbox dialogue with the translation. There were common events and battle events I didn't touch. But still, that was like 75% of the game in one sweep. Gotta love it.

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