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Stellar Bewitching αΩ (Remastered)

Stellar Bewitching αΩ (Remastered) 2023-08-17

Starmage submitted a new resource:

Stellar Bewitching αΩ (Remastered) - A Stellar Bewitching Remaster. Sci-fi turn-based RPG game.


A Remastered commercial version of the game ""! With brand new character redesigns and art done by Berry B! A Sci-Fi turn-based RPG that takes place parallel to the events of [url=https://www.arpgmaker.com/resources/rave-heart.5/]Rave Heart. Featuring teenage drama, touching storylines, new alternate paths, and boss rushes the likes...

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It's official! Stellar Bewitching αΩ (Remastered) is now on STEAM! Wishlist now! We're very excited for its release soon! Hope you all stay tuned! A Sci-fi RPG of teenage drama, romance, limbo realm, aliens, otherworldly creatures, gods, and a playable penguin samurai??!!

Hi everyone! Alright, so how's progress with Stellar Bewitching Remaster? Well, Berry B, the amazing artist of this remaster, has some wonderful updates to share with us in the form of a trailer! A showcase for the new boss characters that will be present in one of this remaster's new side-contents. ^^ <3


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