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Rules (draft)

Hbgames is a friendly, open community. It is also however a private community and your continued membership is at our discretion. As such, we ask that you abide by a series of rules during your stay.

Rule 1
Don't be a dick. If this is ambiguous in any way, you are being a dick.

Rule 2
Don't be the special case that makes us need a rule 3.

Besides this, you should note hay this does not make us a free speech, anything goes community, because we are still bound by societal laws and whatnot. When you joined the site you agreed to a Terms of Service and it should be pretty clear what this would entail - hate speech, terrorism, etc.

Does this mean I can't be banned as there are no clear rules?

Look, if you do something we don't like, we're going to friendly ask you to not do that thing. If you argue, that's when it becomes an issue. Our role is to manage the community and keep things civil.

What about Spam?

Individual parts of the site have their own guidelines, but it basically amounts to this: is your post appropriate to the board it is in, is your post contentful, and is it legible?

For example for a first post in a game thread we'd just expect there to be something to discuss. I'd even argue this falls under Rule 1 when you can clearly see how a board functions.

I have a question.

Please, go ahead!

Thank you for viewing

HBGames is a leading amateur video game development forum and Discord server open to all ability levels. Feel free to have a nosey around!


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