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Just Checking In

Hi guys,

Firstly I'm going to forgo the usual WhY hAvEn'T i BeEn ArOuNd speech because you know it verbatim by now.

I just wanted to fill you in on what's going on in the world of Ellie as I know my absence has now been extended from HBGames. I do apologise.

Long story short I have just left hospital after a week. I have had elective, but challenging, surgery. Recovery is going to be difficult and extended, which could mean to things for future game making, but we will see. I am ok at the moment. I am ahead on recovery but that doesn't make things any less traumatic when they happen and I know what is coming.

So. The gammak!

Following last year's game creations - finally getting some games out there in the form of Sneks and Demons and a few shitpost games - I do want to dive back into game development. I have twelve weeks off work but that is recovery time. It MAY be that part of my recovery is sitting at home making games. I don't feel up to it right now.

My intention is to recreate Dragonfable but fixing many of its ills particularly how whitewashed the game is. Presently I have recreated the battle system pretty thoroughly working through a list. Still some way to go.


This isn't a super serious game but it could be in future scope. Aim is to have everything complete and functional before moving on to the next step and there is a list I am working through.

Who knows, it could be the Next Big Thing.

Thank you for viewing

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