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Gerald Ventures

Gerald Ventures

Have you ever wondered what moves a zombie horse uses when fighting? That question will be answered by this game!

Gerald Ventures! Play as brother Gerald, a battle monk serving the holy church of lord Jaysi to stop evil from harming humanity.

Gerald must venture to different locations and help the locals with their supernatural problems. Fight against zombies, angry local gods, demons and many more evil entities while uncovering the reason for increased attacks on humanity by evil.

But you are not dealing with the average RPG maker game. This one has wrestling moves! That's right! The game has a grab system where Gerald or the enemy (but mostly the enemy) can hold their foe in place for powerful grab attacks.

Also featuring a counter system. Certain moves can be countered if you can see them coming. Use the guard ability to turn the tables on your attacker!

Remember, each enemy has its own weakness. Try to find and exploit it.

The game uses a preparation mechanic. On the main map, you will select an area to venture to. Then you will prepare in your office for your chosen mission. Gather intel, buy weapons and potions, slot magic on your spell book, play bonus games and so on.

How well you prepare for your mission will be the difference between victory and defeat.
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