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Fantasia: Surreal Cosmic Progeny

Fantasia: Surreal Cosmic Progeny


Chaos Goddess

This game may not be for everyone, please read the Crazy Chimp Collective Tolerance Advisory for more information!

We face in full now, the Demons who hail from beyond our reality and all known realities.

They who Embody both Fear and Power. The Supreme Rulers of the Cosmos, not benevolent- and we are what they seek to remove.

Imperfections from their perfect future.

They are... The Twins.




The game features an easy to remembered configuration for keybindings.
Arrow Keys to move.
Z, Enter or Spacebar to interact.
X or Escape to open menu and cancel out of things.
W to perform a hard-skip of dialogue. Recommended only for seasoned players!
Shift to sprint, although this works in very few maps, as the base speed is set to 5.

Battle Controls
A is for Attack
S is to Skedaddle
D is for Defend
F is for Friend
E is for ENNUI Empowerment (unlocked shortly into Disk 1.)

The Game is very dialogue heavy, and is focused primarily on its story, but don't be fooled, the game does have some pretty cool gameplay, if you need proof, this video may sway you better than a thousand of my words can!





In a universe similar to our own but different in many ways, awaits a menagerie of magnificent worlds to explore and peoples to meet. The rules of the cosmos are strange, yet can be bet or broken... A malleable form from which only the secrecy of its nature stops it from being a utopia. The administrators who are often refered to as "The Twins" deem this universe a mistake, and seek to rectify it's deviation.

Of monkeys and fae, of elves and gods. The world is a fantastical blend of sci-fi and culture pronounced in a way that feels genuine and yet alien.

This video does a spectacular job of sharing a large fragment of that which you' can explore!




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Chaos Goddess

Reserving this post for future content and possibly a known issues section.

Speaking of content, as this is the game I am currently working on... I may have a teaser for you of Demo 3!


Chaos Goddess

I will be using this post as a Progress Log. This will help me provide you information and keep myself motivated to make progress, woo!

Day 1
I received the first draft of Me 06 Malevolence.

Day 2
I received the next draft and then final version of ME 06 Malevolence, I spent the remainder of the day syncing it up to its scene.

The results of which can be seen here:
The music track alone can be found here:

Day 3
Was out all day, so no progress made.
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Chaos Goddess

Remi_Chan updated Fantasia: Surreal Cosmic Progeny with a new update entry:

Plans for Tomorrow: Animation!

To give a bit more detail, I intend to finish what remains of Fantasia Scene 10 - Resurface of Traumatism tomorrow, which means doing not one but two animations, a hectic Svoli one and a not-so-hectic Pep one.

For Svoli, it's gonna just be this but updated to the new detailed style I use today.

If you're wondering what the detailed style looks like, well:

Much better! I think is the answer!?

Read the rest of this update entry...


Chaos Goddess

Remi_Chan updated Fantasia: Surreal Cosmic Progeny with a new update entry:

Large Progress Update!

Milestone reached: I have completed the main storyline for Disk 2. Sans a cutscene, four boss fights and an escape event, so now I'm going back through and re-writing EVERYTHING to make it more compact, succint and impactful. The less is more treatment in a similar vain to Fantasia's Re-write patch for demo 2.

And if you've been paying much attention you know I had up to 4 cutscenes to make, yet now I have only one? Did i make all three cutscenes in a short span of time??

The answer is...

Read the rest of this update entry...


Chaos Goddess

Remi_Chan updated Fantasia: Surreal Cosmic Progeny with a new update entry:

Demo 3 Release Coming 3/14/2023 (Hopefully!)

So, what's coming in Demo 3?
- Over 100 new optional events!
- Continuation of the main story!
- New and improved pamphlets, interface for rewards and more!
- Every cutscene updated from small scale file replacements, to fully blown cinematic animations!
- A myriad of fun characters to get to know, despise and secretly adore! Each with their own reasons for doing as they do!
- Over 20 more crazy bullethell boss battles!
- Writing fixes and...

Read the rest of this update entry...


Chaos Goddess

You're an animation genious. You get so much movement and emotion from relatively simple graphics.
Panning/zooming layer graphics which are otherwise still to give the illusion of 'depth' is one of my better skills. I confess! Learn it fairly quickly when you do an intro cinematic per game.

Thank you for viewing

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