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Election Day

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☆ Biggest Ego ☆

OMG. So much truth I nearly passed out. How do we remove the motherfuckers behind the curtain? That is the question. One day the populace will wake up, but no time soon. Too many sheep and unconscious people. I tried to enlighten my people, but I'm ignored.


We'll see what happens. Voting was the least I could do. Not much will change when the president is receiving orders from some old "untouchable", Ultra-rich motherfuckers. :(


☆ Biggest Ego ☆

Orange man lost very hard. It's official now. The world can sleep a little better tonight. The retardation has ended. Repeat, the RETARDATION HAS ENDED. It's over finally. Orange man's ego got castrated. No more dumbass red hats, no more outrageous bullshit, and backstabbing our European allies. No more destroying the environment, and ignoring scientists.

I wouldn't have been happy with Trump in the White House for four more years. But I can't say I've heard anything in the Biden platform that I'm looking forward to either. I guess the best thing I can hope for is a Democrat in the White House while Republicans in Congress prevent him from doing anything.
Biden has his problems and he's not somebody I'd vote for, but it was important to stop the far right tidal wave at its root, as it's something that has been sweeping the world. Removing Trump is a start towards progress in the other direction. Not resolving the issues that have caused the wave, but it's removing a figurehead I suppose.

Trump had some scary ideas and was doing some scary things. He revoked no less tha 98 environmental protections and that's just the start of it. He was a hardline racist - the casinos he worked in used to have to hide black workers when he entered the room.

Biden is not ideal but he's the best we could have got from that particular vote.
It would be hard for Biden to be WORSE than Trump, is i guess one good way of looking at it. He seems to be a lot more responsive to people in general while trump has never compromised his ideas while in office even once.

So long as he doesn't try to start up the fucking TPP (main reason I wasn't down with hillary) he'll be fine in my book.

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