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Beware the Dark (Minecraft 1.12.2 Mod)

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A mod that brings Don't Starve to Minecraft, including Charlie attacks in darkness, new biomes/items and harder Don't Starve-style survival.

*New biomes, such as the new Rockylands biome and a Constant world-type for those who want nearly-completely Don't Starve style harder survival
*Overhauled material gathering and crafting system changes vanilla majorly: twigs harvested from saplings, cut grass from grass tufts, rocks and logs are now your gateway into the mod's tier-system, such as flint and gold tools
*Such as that trees now only drop pine cones and also logs in an item form
*New utilities that remove and replace old vanilla ones, such as the Science Machine (crafting table), Campfire/Fire Pits and Basic/Improved Farms (hoes)
*Also new tools with unique functionality such as Pitchforks to uproot and harvest turf/manufactured floors and Hammers to dismantle utility-blocks back for resources (as utilities like Science Machines/Farms cannot be removed without a hammer)
*Charlie now attacks you at night/in darkness of light levels of 4 or less so keep some light sources around!

*Turf: Comes in various forms. Marsh, Rockyland, Grasslands, etc. Requires a pitchfork to harvest, otherwise returns nothing. All turfs are also usable as fuel and in some instances, crafting manufactured flooring.
*Boulder: Found mostly in Rockyland and Savanna biomes. Drops Rocks, Flint and Nitre.
*Gold Vein Boulder: Found in Rockyland and Forest biomes. Drops Rocks, Flint, and Gold Nuggets.
*Sapling: No, not that kind of Sapling. Gives Twigs when harvested. Most plentiful in Forests and Plains biomes but found semi-commonly elsewhere.
*Grass Tuft: Gives Cut Grass when harvested, most plentiful in Plains and Savanna biomes but found semi-commonly elsewhere.
*Berry Bush: Commonly found in Grasslands but also Forests and other biomes. Drops berries when harvested.
*Spiky Bush: Found in Marshes/Swamp biomes, depending on if using a normal or Constant-world type. Drops Twigs when harvested but will hurt you for half a heart each harvest.
*Lumpy Evergreen: Different from normal spruce logs. The logs do not drop pine cones, making Lumpy Evergreens non-renewable.
*Campfire: Temporary stationary light source. Requires fuel to stay lit. Can also be used to cook food. Drops an ashes when it goes out.
*Fire Pit: Permanent version of the Campfire. Unlike the Campfire, does not rarely randomly set fires near max-fuel level.
*Science Machine: Your tier-1 science crafting station. Crafted using Rocks, Gold Nuggets and Logs.
*Wooden Flooring: Made from Boards. Four logs makes one Boards and one Boards makes four Wooden Flooring.
*Cobblestones: Made from Rocky Turf and Boards, gives 2. Provides a 20% speed boost when walked on.
*Basic Farm: A farm-plot block. Has no moisture property so grows crops somewhat slowly. Craftable using Cut Grass, Logs and Manure. Cannot be trampled.
*Improved Farm: An improved version made from stone. Always at max-level moisture so grows crops a bit faster. Cannot be trampled.

(any items not listed here do not have any usage yet)
*Cut Grass: Obtainable from Grass Tufts. One of your main crafting materials.
*Twigs: Obtainable from Saplings. One of your main crafting materials.
*Rocks: Obtainable from world rock-objects or from boulders. Pretty vital crafting material.
*Logs: Now replaces the block. Used to craft Farms, Science Machines and some other things.
*Pine Cones: Dropped by trees. Can be used to plant trees and gather more logs.
*Ashes: Obtainable from smelting Cut Grass or Twigs. Used to make Healing Salves with Spider Glands and Rocks.
*Rope: Craftable from three Cut Grass.
*Boards: Craftable from four Logs.
*Cut Stone: Craftable from three Rocks. Used for a couple of recipes already but planned to have a lot of utility and can be used to build decor-blocks too like Walls.
*Manure: It's...uh a product of animals. Used for farms.
*Spider Gland: Dropped by Spiders. It's...an antiseptic? So it heals 2.5 hearts.
*Healing Salve: Crafted using Rocks, Ashes and Spider Glands. Heals 3.5 hearts.
*Food: A bit too many to list. There's berries, carrots, eggs, fish, morsels, meat and monster meat (which hurts you when eaten). Most of these can be cooked to occasionally provide better hunger benefits or a slight healing boost.
*Torch: Cannot be placed, emits light when held in hand and can also spawn fires via right-click. Has durability (about enough ticks to equal five and a half minutes) and loses durability when held in main/offhand.
*Spear: Crafted using Flint, Rope and Twigs. Low durability but has higher than diamond-sword damage.
*Log Suit: Crafted from two Ropes and seven Logs. Is a singular piece of armor but provides the protection of a full unenchanted diamond set, i.e a 80% damage reduction.
*Gold Tools: Regal Shovel, Luxury Axe and Opulent Pickaxe. Craftable using Gold Nuggets and Twigs. Has the speed and durability of Iron so they last pretty long.
*Pitchfork: Craftable using Twigs and Flint. Used to mine and digup Turf, which consumes 1 durability per Turf. Can also do four hearts of damage but consumes eight durability per hit.
*Hammer: Used to dismantle utilities like Science Machines and Farms. This will consume 1 durability, destroy the utility and return 50% of it's crafting materials. This rounds down and all utilities/structures that can be hammered will always at least return one of each material.

*Straw Rolls (one-use Bed, restores health, skips to dawn but decreases hunger by five drums)
*Backpacks (Portable chest-slot inventory, has five slots)
*Crock Pots (2x2 cooking utility, various food combos produce different foods with different hunger/sanity/health restoring properties)
*Drying Racks (can be used to preserve/dry meat and turn it into Jerky)
*A new dimension (Don't Starve caves, accessible via Sinkhole portals)

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