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RPG Maker MV Demo

Someone on another site has managed to go as far as to extract all the game code from this, by the way.

Like I said in my topic about the web dev kit, anything client side is hackable.
I get 'script error' in Chrome. Seems to work in Firefox.

I just played the demo in browser, and I am now a little hyped for it. A little more than before anyway.
I don't think it'd take long to learn Javascript at all, but it's another thing to do, as well as read up on the default scripts along with actually coming up with something to make as well.
After my last project flopped, I'm just lacking all motivation to work on something new.

It'd be interesting to use, but I don't feel like buying it at its current price considering how much I want it at the moment.
Works fine for me in Firefox, Chrome, and on my Kindle Fire (Silk) (albeit a bit slow).

Do you have Javascript blocked for the domain for some reason? (I use Noscript so that's a yes for me).



Failed to load font with phone browser.
Edit: got it to work. Ran a little smoother than my computer. But another loading error switching maps. That's going to be annoying without a retry option. Like unplayable.

Also, how do you cancel or even open their menu with a touch screen?
Edit: oh 2 finger touch. Imo, should have swip gestures.



Or just touch your character seems smarter. The 2 finger touch scheme kind moves them character. Well, I suppose it depends how much fine movements the game requires. I'm assuming there will be some custom touch settings.
Well I'm actually really impressed with how well this works, just tried it out and it seemed fine. Looking forward to seeing what people can do with this.

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