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GTA 3-era

I have SA, VC and III on my PC now. Enjoying all three.

I know my friend had a mod years ago that had III and VC joined together, so you could drive from one to the other.

I'm wondering if there's a mod for all three.

Google is no help. Most GTA mod sites are scam things, ripping off other sites, so searching for this mod just brings up the same broken mod on hundreds of different sites copying the text exactly.

So, anyone have one, or know how to make one?

From my googlings I've learnt

- "it isn't possible because limits"
- "it is possible because limit breaker mod"
- VC and III mod was done in San Andreas, but deleted the SA map
Found out there is a mod, but it doesn't work with Steam or the pirated versions floating around on the net. Ffffffff if I'd known that I would have bought it on a disk for the same price.
Wyatt, it really isn't possible due to the map size limits, the SA map is quite near border-to-border of the size limit (It actually already includes Liberty city within it for a cut-scene), Vice City simply doesn't fit anywhere on the map and it can't go under or above the city due to the sea-level being rather fixed.

Also, from what I've done so far mods with the CD version work with the Steam version (Mods for the CD version of GTA III also work with the Android version too).

I'm going to say that the mod you found either only includes VC and LC or is a fake.

I know there's one for Vice City that includes all 3, but it's a buggy broken mess as it breaks the map size limit.

Thank you for viewing

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