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  1. Al'asuiaga'ta

    Al'asuiaga'ta is a short RPG that is meant to test how well voice overs would integrate into the program RPG Maker XP. As such, I didn't have to make an all-out-game for this. So, players will be starting off right at "the end" of the game. The first three bosses are the last three bosses of the...
  2. Ellie

    Advanced RPG Maker Issue 1

    In the first issue of Advanced RPG Maker Magazine, we take a look at Dargor's FFVI SDK, a long running project to recreate the systems of that game precisely. Meanwhile we look at how to make interesting project threads, while Ellie shows us how to create custom windowskins and when to use them...
  3. HBGames.org the eZine - Issue 1

    A re-cover of Issue 1 of RMXP.net the eZine from way back in 2005. In this issue edited by Lene and the original eZine team, the release of the first official English RPG Maker is discussed, as well as cliches in RPG Maker games.
  4. Ellie

    Sweeney Todd

    Just a quick frankensprite.
  5. Ellie

    Ice Skeleton

    Just a quick recolour.
  6. Ellie


    Create a variety of kitchens with some small edits.
  7. Ellie

    Maple Trees

    Tree variations for RMXP allowing a different coloured forest.
  8. Ellie

    Market Street

    Small addons for RMXP to create shops.
  9. coyotecraft

    [XP] Wendigo

    Old Resource Request.
  10. Ellie

    Multiframe Crow

    This is a multidirectional version of the XP crow sprite, which includes walking and flying animations. It is used with plugins such as qSprite to provide a more interesting wildlife. Example of use:
  11. Ellie


    A quick edit/recolour to provide for more wildlife.
  12. Ellie

    Fancy Castle

    Castle recolour for RMXP.
  13. Ellie

    Starry Night

    RMXP edit.
  14. Ellie

    Expanded Tracks

    Create more elaborate mine cart systems using these edits.
  15. Ellie

    Various Fish

    A variety of different fish for use in a resource-gathering game.
  16. Ellie

    Grass Bordered Floor Tiles

    Grass-edged tiles for the XP RTP, for drawing new paths.
  17. Ellie

    Mana Tree and Other Edits

    Various addons for the RMXP RTP.
  18. Ellie

    XP Tileset Addons

    Various addons for the RMXP RTP.
  19. Ellie

    Urban City

    This is pretty old but some might find it useful, perhaps as a prototype.
  20. Ellie

    Animated Gate

    A quick animated gate for the XP RTP.

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